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We’ve been around since 1929, we’ve been around that long because we’re a passionate team who cares about what we do. We’re family owned and our customers are part of that family, you care about your next pick up, we care about you!

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FJ Chalke & Vale Motors Isuzu Sponsors World Sleddog Dryland World Championship 2024

Sleddog Dryland World Championship

FJ Chalke & Vale Motors Isuzu proudly announces their sponsorship of local resident and esteemed customer John Binding, member of The Alaskan Malamute Working Association (AMWA), as he competes in the World Sleddog Dryland World Championship.

This exciting event will be held at Haughley Park on November 23rd and 24th, 2024.

The Alaskan Malamute Working Association, host of the WSA Dryland World Championship 2024, anticipates participants from over 20 countries, bringing together hundreds of sled dogs for an unparalleled display of canine athleticism and teamwork.

On Saturday, June 8th, Ross Fowler, Business Manager at FJ Chalke & Vale Motors Isuzu, and Jordan, Isuzu Sales Specialist, joined John for a dry run training session at Henstridge Airfield in Somerset. Accompanied by the impressive Isuzu D-Max Arctic Trucks AT35, the team witnessed the power and intelligence of the sled dogs firsthand.

Ross Fowler commented, “The dogs were incredibly intelligent and powerful. Their size can be quite intimidating, but they are beautiful creatures with nothing to fear. It was truly a fun and eye-opening experience.”

John Binding, a longtime member of the AMWA and owner of five Alaskan Malamute’s explained how the dry sled run works “We use a three-wheeled cart called a rig, which the team of harnessed dogs is connected to via a gang line and pulls from the front. The only control over them is through voice commands. For one-dog teams, purpose-built scooters and mountain bikes can also be used, which the dogs pull from the front.”

John highlights the dogs’ enthusiasm for their work: “The dogs genuinely enjoy working in harness. They get very excited and can be noisy, eager to go. Stopping them can be fun. It’s all about knowing your dogs and their capabilities. You work as a team, competitor and dog alike.”

Much like the Alaskan Malamute, the Isuzu D-Max Arctic Trucks AT35 is built to endure and excel in the most challenging conditions. Both the Malamute and the AT35 share a connection to the harsh environments they dominate. The Malamute’s physical prowess and the AT35’s strength highlights a blend of natural and technological advancements designed to tackle the toughest of challenges.

Together they symbolise unmatched strength and resilience. They represent a commitment to conquering extremes, be it through the raw power of nature or the refined capability of human engineering.

For more information on the extraordinary capabilities of the Isuzu D-Max Arctic Trucks AT35, click here.

FJ Chalke & Vale Motors Isuzu is thrilled to support John Binding and the AMWA in their endeavour’s, showcasing the power, endurance, and teamwork that define both the sled dogs and the Isuzu AT35 truck.

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